Thoughts on the “New” Taylor from an Old Taylor Fan

It may seem super predictable for me as a blogger to be writing about Taylor Swift when you've heard about her just about well.... everywhere in the last couple of days. But if you know me well, you know that I'm a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. I started listening to her music since she started... Continue Reading →



Tomorrow is a new start. There will new people to meet, new experiences to have and new ways to love. You could say this about any day and it would hold just as true. But I felt the need to make the obvious statement today because tomorrow marks the first day of classes. Tomorrow, I'll... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Leah

Hello all you awesome people! A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start fresh with God. One of the many ways I wanted to do that was to start reading the Word from the very beginning. I figured if I wanted to have a new beginning, placing myself at the beginning of... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Breakfast

It's a typical Monday morning. I sit up, rub my eyes, put on my glasses and roll out of bed. I stumble through my apartment living room and into the kitchen. Instinctively, I reach to turn on the Keurig. I prepare my everyday breakfast, a simple piece of toast with peanut butter and topped with... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Learned at Summer Camp

  A few days ago I ended the seventh and final week of camp as a part of the UMHB Rec Staff. For the majority of the summer, I've had the opportunity to travel to different Christian camps around Texas and Colorado to lead rec games, connect with campers and tell people why I love... Continue Reading →

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